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How would you like to...

-          Lower your taxes 

-          Lower your monthly expenses

-          Lower your personal debts

What if you could do ALL of that AND...

-          Increase cash flow

-          Raise your credit score

-          Increase investment income

At MWR we have financial experts that will help you explore ALL of these options doing ALL of the work for you!

Truly Transformational


MWR Financial Testimonies and Success Stories!


My life has forever changed since joining MWR Financial. I joined MWR Financial with the sole purpose of earning extra income on top of my current day job working as a Real Estate Broker for NY & NJ. In the Real Estate Sales industry, the market conditions can be volatile and have been so with what the global pandemic did economically to the communities I serve. In the 6 months I have been with MWR Financial, I have received a consistent stream of income that has grown and continues to grow to the point it has surpassed all my monthly income expectations and now has become my primary source of income.

The opportunities and the Financial Experts offered by MWR Financial has brought me peace of mind as I transition to the next phase of my life. I will be able to afford to retire at an earlier age than I expected because the Wealth Accumulation Experts helped me establish my own Tax-Free Private Reserve Account.

I now can take the additional cash flow I am earning with MWR Financial and have it working for me instead of me exclusively working for money. I am overjoyed about my decision to join MWR Financial. My advice to everyone is to make the decision today and join an amazing group of individuals who have cultivated a culture of self-starters, entrepreneurship, and financial independence.

Maria Reyes 

Thanks to MWR Financial I was able to save $800 on my bills annually, thanks to the Bill Negotiation Experts. These are bills like my cellphone, cable, utilities that I did not think was possible for me to save money. I didn’t need to change providers at all. All I did was upload the bills and the Experts did the rest. The Experts are helping me keep more money in my pocket every month.

The Credit Restoration Experts helped me improve my credit score by 40 points so far and it keeps going up with the Experts continuing to help me get my credit scores in the best shape possible all thanks to the Financial Makeover Movement.

Jogues Morla 

I purchased my home 2 years ago, back in July 2019, with a 30-year mortgage. I started my home-based business with MWR Financial a little over a year ago and decided to take advantage of utilizing my exclusive membership/services & must say I am beyond happy I did. The Financial Makeover Experts put together the Debt Elimination Strategy that has totally changed the game for me. They showed me that with my 30-year mortgage, car note, which is 2.5 years old, & other financial responsibilities, I will be debt-free in 2029! Did you hear me? Let me say that again, your girl has a 30-year mortgage, car note & other financial responsibilities and will be “DEBT FREE” in 2029.

My mortgage was not due to be paid off until 2049 & has been cut down to less than half the time. In all, the Debt Elimination Strategy is saving me $38,147.94. The Strategy even showed me that by using the monthly money I used to pay my debts off, which is now cash flow, and now using it to help your money grow, that I could have $250,000 in cash assets by April 2035 but would have still been in debt to the tune of $166,327.05 following the path which I was on, given to me by the creditors. I never knew that the creditors set things up to keep you in debt as long as possible.

This business has been a blessing unto me, and I am blessed to be a blessing to others because I get to share what MWR has done for me and what it can do for you!!! MWR is changing lives, one person at a time & I am a witness to that because they are changing my life!

Also, I am constantly saving on my ADT bill, which has been cut in half, along with my Sirius XM radio, which has been negotiated twice since I have been in the business. Our Bill Negotiation Experts literally shreds bills without any changes to my service, so I must say this business has been an absolute blessing to me.

Teresa Cooper