Are You Ready to Impress Millions of People in the Next 48 Hours?

From: Stefanie Hartman
Date: Sunday, March 17

Stop the Presses!

By this time tomorrow, People Magazine, Time, CNN, The NY Times, The BBC, NBC, Fox News and many more media and news outlets could be exposing you to millions Online and sending thousands of their best customers directly to your web site.

What you are about to see is based on information obtained from a Top-Secret project I beta-tested with my clients last year.

For successful product launches, highly buzzed book launches or to build your online business AND your position as a power-player in your niche you need 4 Crucial Marketing Must-Haves in place:

  1. Gets You Visibility to Millions Online
  2. Sends You Constant Web Traffic (daily/monthly)
  3. Always Building Your Customer & Prospects Database
  4. Creates An Aura of Celebrity & Instant Credibility Within your Niche

These 4 elements... All done for you! You don't even need to get out of bed to do it. We look after everything so you can focus on serving your growing community and not get "bogged down" trying to bring new prospects into your community.

They work together like a profit-building perfect storm! They build on each other, they compliment each other, like a well-oiled machine. The Press Project brings these four crucial elements together 'Done-For-You' with the press of a button.

Your site credibility can skyrocket when your visitors discover that you were seen on...

These Mass Media outlets and hundreds more are among the most visible sites online. They are visited daily by millions and millions of people. By association, they give you and your site massive credibility and celebrity status. Plus they will send you direct leads to your web site.

The following information not only reveals the contents of this project, but it walks you through the dramatic changes in the Mass Media and how they open up a VIP Backdoor opportunity for those with the knowledge and the vision to step forward and seize it.

This may prove to be the more effective way to access your ideal customer in the history of advertising!

But you only have a few days left to take all the necessary steps to tap into this massive exposure and hot, targeted traffic.

WE FILL THE MEDIA’S NEED & GEO-TARGET YOUR MARKETING. The top news outlets are always looking for interesting content. My goal is to match TOP Magazine and News Outlets with your topic of expertise, your target market goals, your specific geography, and put YOUR content and YOUR website in front of their readers right away... starting in 48 hours!

MEDIA PROMOTES YOUR CONTENT TO THEIR MILLIONS OF LOYAL READERS! Within 48 hours you’ll see results, and we continue your campaign for 30 days (minimum). You will be seen in front of Millions of people, and interested people will click on your content and go directly to your BLOG or website. Imagine CNN referring people to YOU! That’s Massive Trust Factor for new customers and Instant Credibility for you!

INDIVIDUAL MONITORING. Your Marketing Manager will review your blog to ensure it will be approved by the media agencies. We will suggest tweaks if need be. We will also monitor your marketing campaign and media buzz activity daily (including weekends), tweak your campaigns if needed, and will assemble statistical reports where you can see what media you are appearing in, which countries your visitors are coming from to your site, how many people saw your content and the number of people the media sent directly to your website. You will also find out which topic/content was the most and least popular – we can even test market 3-5 headlines for each article, Podcast or video.

OPTIONAL PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION. If you need stellar magazine quality content. We will review your niche, target market, and provide brand new, written just for you, top quality magazine style articles for your industry, with eye-catching headlines for you. These articles will be properly sourced, copyright free, and credits provided when needed. We will also post them on your blog so you don’t have to lift finger. We will also distribute your previous articles that you have written on your own to the magazine outlets, for additional content they can pick up.

CUSTOMIZED PRESS BANNER. Once the month is over, we will pick the top 10 – 20 news outlets and magazines from your campaign and custom create a unique Press Banner for your site that uses YOUR Branding colors and with the pixel size that ts YOUR website like a glove.

It works so well, I guarantee it!

Here is what I did for myself (entrepreneurship & online marketing topics) when I tested my system:
(actual screen shot):

And it gets better...

And it gets better...

The hard way to build a successful business Online is to do all the work yourself. Stop doing all your own marketing! Let us do it for you, and let us do it in a way that will be most effective for your business. You should be focusing on your core business and how to build it, not endlessly posting on inefficient social networks.

The easy way is to tap into practically unlimited sources of traffic. But, traffic isn't all it's cracked up to be. You also need to make sure that the real, live people who visit your site are hot buyers, have money to spend on your product or service, and are interested in your message.

Now you may not know, but the Mass Media companies are in a panic. They have a constant demand from their viewers and readers for more and more quality content. Unfortunately their business model broke with the growth of the Internet.

As one journalist recently wrote: "Right now, we in the mass media are wrestling with the most massive changes we’ve ever seen."

Print advertising is collapsing. Revenue from digital products are not making up the difference. As a result, over 17,000 journalist jobs have disappeared in the past few years.

We are left with a situation where the top web sites in the world, like,, and many others, need quality content and are short writers to produce that content.

This brings us to...

hey need your content, but they can never tell you, because it would collapse their revenue model and devastate their advertising programs.

There is, however, a "SECRET VIP BACKDOOR"...

This "SECRET VIP BACKDOOR" gives you premium access to the readers and viewers of media outlets like:

Warning! You can not just pay your way in. We are very selective with whom we work with as we need to protect our relationship with the Mass Media sites. As you can imagine, they are very concerned about the content their readers see.

But if you qualify...

Imagine for a minute... What would happen if your ideal customer fit the profile of the average Time magazine reader? And they were one of the tens of millions, who visit a month, where they saw your article. They read it. They liked it. What do you think they will do?

We know what they will do. They will join your mailing list. They will purchase your book, products or services. They will become part of your tribe.

Listen to Famed Music Producer Turned Author, Thomas Bähler...

"Having served as producer, writer and arranger for some of the highest level talent in the entertainment industry (Michael Jackson, Cher) the Miss Universe Pageant, and the SuperBowl, I had kept my public visibility at an intentional low level. Having moved forward, building a new business in the author/speaker realm which has placed me before the public, I have found Stefanie Hartman's marketing strategies invaluable in getting me and my messages before a large and targeted audience. I’m looking forward to starting the Press-Project to build my media exposure and list."

~Thomas Bähler, Composer,
Producer, Consultant, Writer and Author of Anything is Possible, a Tale of AESOP.

According to Quantcast, had 26,426,920 visitors last month, who read 77,785,208 web pages. Do you think if you can redirect a small percentage of those readers to your site, your traffic problems are solved? had 20,052,176 visitors last month. had 15,173,089 visitors., People Magazine's web site, reaches over 18 million monthly people, of which 14 million (78%) are in the U.S. 66% make over $50K annually, and 88% are female.

And the list of Mass Media sites goes on and on...

Can you see how easy it would be if you could piggyback on the huge traffic already generated month in and month out, by these high traffic Mass Media sites? 

It happened to Daven Michaels, who wasn't the best-selling author of "Outsource Smart" until he used our "SECRET VIP BACKDOOR". Watch what he has to say...

Here's what happened when he used my "Press-Project":

Are you ready to claim your share?


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